New General Manager at SEM Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Gunnar Wiessner has taken up the role as General Manager for SEM Technology (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. Gunnar will bring with him some significant experience of the Chinese market and its unique culture and also from his automotive background.

I am confident that under the leadership of Gunnar, STS will continue to deliver your business with the level of service and performance that you shall expect to receive from our company.

Previous General Manager, Mr. Ingemar Pettersson, decided earlier this year to retire after almost 13 years in this role. Ingemar has under his leadership developed STS into a highly professional and customer focused operation with strong and robust processes.

Ingemar will remain with the company for some time to ensure a complete handover to the new General Manager and to provide some specialist support towards SEM AB, reporting directly to myself.

For any questions, feel free to contact me at: .

Tom Gustavsson