With increasing environmental awareness globally, demand for Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines is growing rapidly. We are recognized experts in this field and provide ignition systems tailored and optimized for specific needs in various types of commercial vehicles as well as engines used in stationary applications such as energy generation.

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Always enough
never too much

With SEM FlexiSpark® technology inside, our H2 ignition system offers a robust solution to meet specific requirements for H2 engines while avoiding challenges such as pre-ignition and excessive spark plug wear. With superior control of the power and duration of the spark, our ignition system ensures an efficient ignition, thus enabling optimal engine performance at all engine operating conditions.
Our customers are global and include manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as buses, vans and heavy trucks, stationary engines, as well as producers of handheld motorized equipment like chainsaws and trimmers. We work in close partnership with several of the world’s leading companies and are an acknowledged key player in chosen industrial markets.

Sustainable transport
and power generation

SEM is committed to playing a key role in delivering the energy solutions of tomorrow. We support long-term global sustainability as a core business vision. Our products significantly reduce energy consumption and offering a sustainable transition to zero CO2 emission transports and power generation.

SEM FlexiSpark Ignition
System – True zero CO2

To rapidly reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and stop global warming, SEM has designed a specific ignition system optimized for hydrogen gas spark ignited internal combustion engines. Hydrogen gas is an attractive fuel, as it is climate neutral and the only true carbon-dioxide emission free fuel.

Ignition systems



“Reduction of greenhouse gases is vital – everybody knows that. Using H2 as fuel in spark ignited internal combustion engines is a very attractive option. It requires new ignition system solutions, that push technology to the edge. We like that! Engineering at its best.”

Jakob Ängeby, Director Research

Research and development

SEM has more than 100 years of experience, which in combination with cutting edge technology and innovation is the recipe for success. The R&D-team has expert knowledge in relevant technology areas and cooperates closely with world leading research groups to position SEM in the frontier of technology. Dynamics must be understood and controlled, extremely high transient electrical fields must be insulated, and materials of desired properties must be found and shaped. Furthermore, the constructions must be designed for manufacturing to give cost efficient solutions that can be produced with an even and high quality. If it was easy, then everybody would do it…

By mastering the phenomena of electro-magnetism and energy conversions using dedicated electronic control systems, SEM provides state of the art ignitions systems for a variety of applications, optimizing the ignition on a µ-second level, enabling our customers to overcome the challenges that come when powering spark ignited internal combustion engines with renewable fuels such as hydrogen. For a better climate.

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