Whistleblowing is about paying attention to misconduct and reporting observations concerning behaviors that are judged to be unethical or illegal.

Why does SEM have a whistleblower function?

The purpose of SEM’s whistleblower function is that you who have a working relationship with SEM should be able to report confidentially about misconduct in the business if you feel that it is not possible to handle the issue openly. The protection means that it is forbidden for SEM to take any form of retaliation against you as a notifier against reporting. The information about you is protected by confidentiality.

You who report must have a belief that the information you provide is true for the protection to be valid. The protection thus does not apply in the event of deliberate false reporting. If you knowingly report false information, penalties may be imposed.

What should be reported?

For example, it is advisable to use the whistleblower system if:

You do not have to have proof of your suspicion, but all messages must be given in good faith.

What should not be reported?

The channel is intended for reporting serious violations within the organization and only such matters will be handled in the whistleblower system’s process. Deliberate littering or spreading rumors is not tolerated.

A whistleblower function also does not cover bullying, alcohol or drug problems, less serious environmental and work environment problems, or anything else that must be reported and handled via SEM’s regular reporting channels. Reporting that exclusively affects the notifying person or their own work situation such as conflicts between the notifying person and another employee, wage setting, etc. is also not considered a whistleblower case and must therefore be handled internally.

How your registration is handled

This whistleblower function is operated by SEM in collaboration with WhistleSystem and all incoming cases are handled immediately. When a new report is received, it is immediately deidentified. This is to ensure that the person who reports has the opportunity to remain anonymous to SEM. All registrations receive a unique reporting ID. This information must be kept safe and used to send in additional information or receive feedback in the case. We recommend that you after filing a report log in regularly to answer any follow-up questions that may occur.

A whistleblower shall, as a starting point, receive a confirmation of receipt of the reported information within seven days of receiving the information.

Persons who are singled out in a case are informed of an ongoing investigation as soon as possible with regard to the investigation work. Who is behind the report is never communicated, even if it would be known to the investigators. If a whistleblower chooses to be open with his or her identity, the identity will still be made available exclusively to the group appointed to handle whistleblower matters. The exception is if the case results in a criminal investigation, as you as an informant may be called as a witness.

The whistleblower shall to a reasonable extent receive feedback on the measures taken and also on the reasons for the measures. The investigator notifies the whistleblower within three months of confirmation of the recipient.


It is important that you try to provide as much information as possible

The notification should contain the following information:


Questions regarding the function of SEM’s whistleblowing system can be answered by Miriam Björklund (miriam.bjorklund@sem.se) or Karin Hensing (karin.hensing@sem.se).

Please note that once inside the report you can change to your preferred language of choice.