Research & Development


At SEM we like challenges. Through skill and innovation, our R&D department ensures continuous enhancements in product and process development. We work together with our partners, to find solutions for special requirements, enabling state of the art product development and quality delivery. Our partners range from university research cooperation throughout the value chain to OEM’s, resulting in products that meet special needs. Your success is our success. We like that challenge!

We have extensive industrial experience and have been a highly qualified supplier to the automotive industry for almost 50 years

SEM is short for Swedish Electro Magnets. We provide ignition systems for advanced alternative fuel combustion engines, high performance diesel injector stators, sensors for demanding environment and magnetic ignition systems for two- and four-stroke engines. These are challenging product areas, requiring state of the art competence and know-how to provide cutting edge solutions.

In the frontier of technology

Developing successful solutions is all about deep knowledge on electro-magnetism and energy conversions between electrical charge, magnetic fields, electrical fields and electrical current. All must be controlled on a µ-second level. The dynamics must be understood, extremely high transient electrical fields must be insulated and materials of desired properties must be found and shaped. Furthermore, the constructions must be designed for manufacturing to give cost efficient solutions that can be produced with an even and high quality. So, how difficult can that be? It is difficult. And SEM R&D enjoys the challenges.

SEM has more than 100 years of experience. The R&D-team has deep knowledge in all relevant technology areas. To be in the frontier of technology SEM co-operates with researchers.

Over the years a co-operation has been established with many universities, especially with Lund University of Technology where we have found cutting-edge institutions for SEM fields of interest. Together with the Institution for Combustion Engines we explore fields such as how to provide robust ignition, important combustion diagnostics for engine control and how the engine performance can be optimized. With the institution for combustion physics the important issue of spark plug wear is studied to design sparks that minimize the spark plug wear and hereby maximizes the engine service interval.

The competence on electro-magnetic systems and the long experience from automotive applications makes SEM R&D strong and the team continuously strives to innovate smart and cost-efficient solutions. SEM R&D is dedicated to provide cutting-edge solutions in the product areas we engage, today and in the future.

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Jakob Ängeby
Director R&D