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Electro-magnet applications

In the pursuit of delivering innovative solutions now and in the future, SEM continuously refines its offering to the market. This applies not only to existing product lines and target applications, but also expanding into new related and complementary areas where its specialized industry knowledge can create customer value.


Injection with perfection

As environmental legislation becomes stricter, technical solutions are being refined to meet these demands, and those of the future. The injector stator is a critically integrated component of the engine’s fuel injector, the performance of which directly affects combustion efficiency and therefore environmental impact.

With a knowledge of both mechanics and electromagnetism, we produce stators that meet market and regulatory requirements across the board. Our technology combines high pressure injection with rapid response to help lower emission levels and reduce harmful particles. Close cooperation with world-leading engine manufacturers ensures we stay fully informed of the latest and relevant environment regulation developments globally.

SEM’s stator technology provides precise control where it’s most needed – delivering on performance, and the environment.

The injector stator is designed for both standard diesel fuels and environmentally friendly fuels, such as ED95. With its injection perfection, the injector stator helps optimize injection efficiency which reduces harmful particle emission.

The high-performance stators, ensuring optimized fuel injection with extreme precision under high pressure conditions. This maximizes burn-efficiency and minimizes fuel consumption.

Linear position sensors

Built for precision

SEM develops and manufactures inductive and contact-free linear position sensors designed to work reliably in the most demanding environments.

This product area delivers precise linear measurement solutions based on inductive technology. Inductive sensors are easily adapted to various applications such as clutch and brake wear, gear position indication and measurement of liquid levels.

Designed and manufactured to meet the automotive industry’s extensive requirements for diverse vehicle applications.

The linear position sensor is an essential component in automated manual transmissions (AMT) used in heavy trucks. The AMT is a known and proven contributor to reduced fuel consumption by optimizing the timing and shifting of gears. Removing the need for manual interaction from the truckdriver enhances and simplifies the work environment, and increases road safety by minimizing distractions.

The sensors are fully contact-free, reliable, highly accurate, and have a long and proven history in gearbox solutions produced by leading commercial vehicle OEMs. All products are offered fully tailored to the specific requirements of each application, with adaptable housing geometry, stroke length and mating parts. They can be fitted with either a molded cable or an integrated connector.

Electric drive

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop state of the art solutions for battery electric commercial vehicle drivelines. SEM has a high voltage fuse solution in series production. New products are under development, such as smart tailor-made contactor units, with and without pre-charge functionality. A cutting edge solution under development is an electronic control systems for configurable battery packs that will offer a patented control of the output voltage and current from parallel battery packs, hereby significantly increasing the life-time, the packaging flexibility and enabling to use a variety of battery packs in the same system.

Our modular solutions offer high flexibility for system design and production. With our extensive knowledge within the field of electromagnetism. We design and deliver products for the future.


SEM’s solenoids are an attractive alternative in numerous application areas. Our extensive experience from the automotive sector supports us in the development of solenoids adapted to the specific requirements for product functionality, even in harsh application environments.

The solenoids are primarily used by manufacturers in the automotive and heavy vehicle industry, as well as by engineering companies. In each of these areas we can offer quality solutions with excellent production economy.

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