Large Bore stationary Engine Ignition System

H2 ready Ignition System

Our commitment to be at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally friendly development makes us a preferred choice for OEMs aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for green products. We leverage long experience and expertise within ignition technology, combustion engine and automotive applications to deliver premium quality, robust and top-performing ignition systems – H2 ready and true zero CO2.

Ignition System

Flexispark XL

Capacitive System

Designed to be engine mounted

Up to 24 cylinders

Configurable Spark

• Available Spark Voltage, up to 45kV
• Spark Duration, 50μs – 1500μs
• Spark Current, 50mA – 300mA

Spark Voltage Monitoring

CAN Communication Interface

Coil on top

Wiring & Harness

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