Heavy Duty Engine Ignition System – Hydrogen

SEM FlexiSpark Ignition System – True zero CO2

To rapidly reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and stop global warming, SEM has designed a specific ignition system optimized for hydrogen gas spark ignited internal combustion engines. Hydrogen gas is an attractive fuel, as it is climate neutral and the only true carbon-dioxide emission free fuel.

Go green – Go economical

Hydrogen gas spark ignited internal combustion engines will be an important complement to electrification in the heavy-duty segment, especially in long-haul and heavy load applications. Compared to BEVs and FCEVs, the total cost of ownership is lower and the time to market quicker.

With SEM FlexiSpark® technology inside, our hydrogen ignition system offers a robust solution to meet specific requirements for H2 engines while avoiding challenges such as pre-ignition and excessive spark plug wear.

Ignition system


Capacitive System

Designed to be engine mounted

Up to 6 Cylinders per controller

Flexible Spark Characteristics:
• Available Spark Voltage, up to 40kV
• Spark Duration, 50μs – 3000μs
• Spark Current, 60mA – 200mA

CAN Communication Interface

Spark Voltage Monitoring

Coil On Plug or Pencil Coil

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