Operations policy


SEM AB will be recognized as a world-leading competence centre in those areas we choose to work with, and therefore be the obvious business partner for our customers.

We work together with our customers to achieve long-term and sustainable results. From our leading position within ignition and electromagnetic systems we will evolve and expand to new segments and new geographical areas based on our customers’ needs.
Business policy

With competent and dedicated employees, we will continually develop and improve our business so that we meet customer expectations as well as create strong profitability for the company. The work we perform must be driven by customer demand, respect for the individual and resource efficiency.

We work preventively with ongoing risk assessments and reports to reduce the risk of injury, health hazards and quality deficiencies. Furthermore, we follow all laws, regulations and binding requirements we have from our various stakeholders.

Working environment
An ideal working environment requires consultation and participation between the company, its employees and employee representatives and is a natural part of how we strive to continuously improve our working environment.

All employees shall take personal responsibility for health and the environment as part of their daily work. Everyone should be vigilant at identifying possible risks or threats to a good working environment.

We take responsibility for the working environment by continuously monitoring and evaluating it against working environment goals and current regulations.

We are inspired by Sweden’s environmental goals and comply with current environmental legislation.

We always strive to protect the environment and to reduce our company’s environmental impact. In addition, our products contribute to reduced emissions for our end customers.

We compile the results of our environmental work each year in both quantitative and qualitative terms, which in turn forms the basis for our new environmental objectives for the following years.

Quality is a measure of our performance from the customer’s point of view. Market success depends on the ability to understand and satisfy our customers’ need for fault-free products and services.

We have zero tolerance for faults in products and processes, and work systematically with constant improvements in our products and process efficiency.

Our core values

Customer needs:
Customer needs should govern and drive our business.

We must have the flexibility required to adapt to how our customers’ environment changes in terms of current needs and trends.

We must have the skills within the organisation required to understand what the customers demand, and provide solutions to the needs our clients have.

Respect for the individual:
Our internal and external contacts are managed individually and should be handled with mutual respect.

To show respect is to take responsibility for your own part of the work being carried out. All work done and distributed onwards should be completed correctly and on time.

All that we do, internally and externally, shall be done professionally.

Efficient use of resources:
Wasting any form of resources results in a cost to either the environment, customers, employees or shareholders.

We achieve resource efficiency through a standardised approach and standardised product platforms.

Targeted efforts to reduce resource waste will benefit all of the company’s stakeholders.

The following four areas shall always be prioritized in our daily work. Only if there is a conflict between them should the priority order be followed.

Safety and Environment, Quality, Delivery, Financial Performance

SEM AB, 12th of November 2018
Tom Gustavsson, CEO