SEM and Scania in collaboration with Chalmers, Linköping University and Mistra Innovation – innovative battery control for the electrified vehicles of the future

In order to prevent climate change and global warming, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. The use of batteries in vehicles and for the storage of energy from solar, wind and wave power are a well known key solution. Battery packs of today are not used to their full capacity. SEM and Scania have started and extensive cooperation with Chalmers and Linköping University. The collaboration is based on innovations that make battery packs more efficient and climate smart.

Tom Gustavsson, CEO of SEM AB, looks positive on the future:

– We are delighted to have received support from Mistra Innovation to finance the project as we invest in an expansive market and develop climate-smart products on the forefront of technology.

Today’s battery pack for electrification is limited by the weakest cells. Reduced cost for power electronics makes it possible to develop new solutions. Battery cells can be controlled in a better way such that each cell’s full capacity can be utilized and not, as today, limited by the weakest cell. Niklas Karpe, Section Manager at Scania and responsible for electronic control systems:

– We will develop electronic systems to control the battery cells in a new way. The partners Scania, SEM, Chalmers and Linköping University complement each other in a good way and we are a strong team together.

The goal is to create several improvements: Better performance, increased lifetime, enable reuse of battery packs and a lower total cost. Part of the funding comes from MISTRA Innovation, which supports medium-sized companies such as SEM to develop environmentally friendly innovations into products. With the project, SEM continues to drive technology at the forefront with the aim set on series-produced battery control systems. The innovations will contribute to an improved environment and the products will be offered to an expansive world market.

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