Code of conduct

SEM AB wants to be a competitive, fair, respectful, and trusted partner to our customers, our current and future colleagues, our suppliers, and our other stakeholders as well as being a good corporate citizen wherever we conduct business. Employees,
officers, and directors, all our suppliers, distributors, agents, consultants, and others who temporarily perform work or services for SEM are expected to follow our Code of conduct and observe the highest standards of business and personal ethics, social and environmental performance.

Core values

Our core values, customer first, respect for the individual and resource efficiency have been a great part of our past success and will help us shaping our future. Understanding the need of our customer is the base for our business and requires that we have the flexibility to adapt and adjust to a world of change regarding legislations and trends that affects our customers. This also mean that we need to have the competence to translate the need of our customers to solutions.

Respect for the individual is of greatest importance because the individual stands at the centre in all that we do. Showing respect is taking responsibility for the work we are all doing and the work we are passing on should be done right and in time. Everything that we do in our company should be done professionally.

Waste of resources, irrespectively of what they are, are costs, either for the environment, customers, co-workers, or other stakeholders. Therefore, SEM AB is committed to the highest degree of resource efficiency and continuously reduce waste in any form. Being determined in this undertaking benefits all our stakeholders.

UN Global Compact
SEM is supporting UN Global compact and is committed to operating in a way that we meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. See

Code of Conduct Declaration

We hereby declare that we will adhere to and comply with the following principles:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will always comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country where we conduct our business. This applies for example wages and benefits, working hours and privacy and data protection.


2. Utilization of children as labour

We will not employ children below the age of 15 except as part of a governmental approved job training, apprenticeship, or similar programs.


3. Forced labour

We will not engage or employ people against their own free will, nor will employees be required to lodge “deposits” or identity papers in connection with the employment.


4. Freedom of association including collective bargaining

We see consultation and cooperation between the company, its employees and union representatives as a natural part of development. We will respect the basic right of employees to freely, voluntarily and without interference establish and join, or not join, unions and employee representation of their own choice and to bargain collectively.


5. Discrimination and harassment

We do not accept any discrimination due to background like race, colour, national belonging, age, gender, marital status, disability, citizenship status or religion. Further, we will treat all persons with dignity and respect, and they shall not be unreasonably interfered with in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.


6. Health, Safety and Environmental standards.

We are familiar with and will recognize and adhere to SEM’s environmental and work environment requirements which are based on national laws and regulations together with ISO14001 and ISO45001.


7. Resource Efficiency and Environmental impacts

We understand that GHG emissions are impacting our climate and we will run our operations, design our products and processes in such a way that energy and raw materials are used efficiently.

We have the objective to minimize waste, water contamination, air pollution and residual products in our operations and over the products’ life cycles. We strive to utilize renewable energy and minimize water consumption.


8. Personal safety

We provide appropriate personal protective equipment to our employees, and we train them to handle chemicals, machines, and other equipment in a safe way. We will conduct recurring safety patrols and pay special attention to ergonomic aspects when designing new workstations and equipment. We work preventively with ongoing risk assessments and have an incidence and accident reports system in place to reduce the risk of injury.


9. Emergency preparedness and fire protection

We will work systematically to guarantee good preparedness in the event of fire and other unforeseen situations, ensuring that there are evacuation plans, exits and signs, fire-fighting equipment, first aid stations and routines in place. We will carry out regular exercises and train dedicated staff in CPR and fire protection work.


10. Responsible chemical management

Before we bring chemicals into the property, these must be risk assessed and approved. We give our employees easy access to safety data sheets for every chemical listed in the company’s chemical register. We will also work actively with substitution to replace harmful chemicals with less harmful ones.


11. Fair dealing

We always engage in fair dealing practices. Those of us involved in selling, advertising promoting and marketing our products and services as well as staff working in procurement, must ensure that our business conduct is always guided by honesty and integrity with no disclosure of confidential information to third party.


12. Improper payments

We will not directly or indirectly offer, promise, accept or receive bribes, facilitation payments or other undue advantages in the purpose to obtain advantages in business.


13. Hospitality and gifts

Hospitality and gifts shall be modest and infrequent. Gifts may not exceed a value of USD 50. Hospitality and gifts may under no circumstances be offered or received under or in connection with contract bidding, evaluation, or award.


14. Conflict of interest

We will not take part in, influence or attempt to influence any decision which can give rise to any actual or perceived conflict of interest.


15. Financial Responsibilities/Accurate Records

We accurately record, maintain, and report business documentation, including but not limited to financial accounts, quality reports, time records, expense reports, resumes and submissions internally, to the customer, or regulatory authorities.


16. Export/import control and economic sanctions

We are engaged in business practices that comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to the governance of the import and export of domestic and foreign origin parts and components related to technical data. We keep up to date with sanctions by reviewing online materials and reading local and international news.


17. Counterfeit parts

We develop, implement, and maintain methods and processes appropriate to the products and services to minimize the risk of introducing counterfeit parts and materials into deliverable products. We have an effective process in place to detect counterfeit parts and materials and mark parts obsolete as appropriate.


18. Intellectual property

We obtain proper authorization and licensing agreements before using any intellectual property and strictly follow the terms of use. We respect copyrights, trademarks, logos, likenesses and other intellectual property in our advertisements and marketing. We refuse to misuse others’ patents, trade secrets or other proprietary information.


19. Whistleblowing

We encourage staff to report suspected wrongdoings as soon as possible in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously and investigated as appropriate and that their confidentiality will be respected.


20. Business Partners

We aim to only retain suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners that live up to the ethical standards reflected in this declaration or other similar code of conduct that sets standards equal to SEM’s Code of Conduct and which is found satisfactory to SEM.


Violations of our code, Company policy and the law have serious consequences for the individuals involved, including disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Disciplinary action will be applied consistent with local law. Such violations may also subject the individual and our company to civil and/or criminal prosecution.