100 Years of ignition system excellence

SEM, Swedish Electro Magnets, is a leading global supplier with over 100 years of industrial experience and deep knowledge of electromagnetic applications. We produce advanced hydrogen and alternative fuel ignition systems, injector stators and linear position sensors for stationary engines and commercial vehicles, and small engine systems for premium forestry hand tools.


Partnering with SEM creates numerous advantages for our customers. As specialists, we offer customized solutions for specific demands within each of our selected product areas. Our team is able to leverage a wealth of experience and skills to create an unparalleled level of technical excellence across all of our products and solutions.

Competent and committed employees spread across three continents strive to constantly evolve and improve our business to meet market expectations. The work we perform is always driven by customer needs, respect for the individual, and resource efficiency. SEM has a company culture that promotes quality as a shared responsibility. Our success is entirely dependent on the attitude, commitment and performance of our employees. As a team we support and improve our processes so that we can meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

SEM operates at the intersection of technical excellence, innovation, and environmental awareness, delivering high-quality dependable solutions to its chosen markets globally. A tradition extending 100 years

Our position on the leading edge of technology is supported by a close cooperation with customers, universities and research centers. Domain-critical topics such as how to provide robust ignition, combustion diagnostics for engine control, and optimization of engine performance are continuously being explored. Long-term focus on research is a key differentiator and success factor for SEM.

Commitment to continuous improvement ensures our customers receive the best possible service and value – technically as well as commercially.

Our customers are global and include manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as buses, vans and heavy trucks, stationary engines, as well as producers of handheld motorized equipment like chainsaws and trimmers. We work in close partnership with several of the world’s leading companies and are an acknowledged key player in chosen industrial markets.

Our main focus is ignition systems for engines using hydrogen or other alternative fuels. We deliver solutions that are in demand worldwide. Continuous development over more than a century has resulted in unique and patented solutions that are used in many of our products.


Halvar Jonzon

Chairman of the Board since 2016

Prior Experience
Group Senior Vice President at Autoliv (2001-2011)
General Manager at AB Electrolux (1974-2001)

Master of Science in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics.

Other board assignments
Board member, Nordic Vehicle
Vice-Chairman, Blue Institute Foundation

Number of shares
146 049 owned indirectly through a company.

Christina Hallin

Board member
Board member since 2016

Prior Experience
President Volvo Trucks China (2019)
MD Volvo Trucks India (2017-2018)
SVP, Dong Feng Commercial Vehicle (2014-2017)
SVP, Volvo Group Trucks Technology (2012-2014)
EVP, Volvo Powertrain (2007-2012)

Master of Science, electrical and electronical engineering

Other board assignments
Board member, Norbit ASA (Trondheim), Bulten AB (publ)

Number of shares
69 683

Hasse Johansson

Board member
Board member since 2016

Prior Experience
Executive Vice President Research and Development Scania, Södertälje, Sweden (2001 – 2009)
MD Mecel AB, Åmål, Swden (Delphi Delco Electronics Systems) (1982 – 2000) including also assignments as Manager Advanced Engineering, Commercial Director Mobile MultiMedia business Group and Engineering Director European Region
Founder of Mecel AB, Åmål, Sweden 1982

Master of Science Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, graduated in 1973

Other board assignments include
Board member, AB Electrolux (publ)
Board member, Devport AB (publ)
Board member, PowerCell Sweden AB (publ)
Board member, Autoliv Inc.

Number of shares
59 673 owned indirectly through a company.

Kenneth Christensen

Board member
Board member since 2024

Prior Experience
Head of Financing at Procuritas (joined 2018)
Director at Danske Bank A/S, Leveraged Finance

MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, Copenhagen Business School

Henri Peltomäki

Board member
Board member since 2022

Prior Experience
Associate at Procuritas (joined 2019)

MSc Business Administration (Finance), Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

CEMS Master in International Management (Aalto University & The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Other board assignments
Deputy board member, The We Select Company

Deputy board member, Låssenteret

Jan Palmqvist

Board member
Board member since 2023

Prior Experience
Former certified public accountant.
Licensed accountant for the financial sector.
More than 30 years of experience in auditing and consulting for companies mainly in the financial sector. Significant experience in auditing for and advising on financial reporting to listed and other companies that report in accordance with IFRS.
Responsible for Deloitte Sweden’s industry group FSI for the financial market for 9 years.

BSc in Economics & Accounting, Växjö University

Other board assignments include
Board member, Bergslagens Sparbank
Board member, Roslagens Sparbank
Board member, Dalarnas Sparbank
Board member, Hälsinglands Sparbank
Board member, Svealands Risk & Compliance AB
Board member, Transcendent Group AB


Magnus Hellström

Joined SEM in 2015

Prior Experience
Development Director, SEM (2019 – 2023)
Director Product & Projects, SEM (2018 – 2019)
R&D Manager Gas Engine Ignition Systems, SEM (2015-2018)
Project Manager, Daimler AG (2015-2015)
Project Coordinator, Daimler AG (2008-2014)

MSc in Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering, Linköping University

MBA, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Number of shares
200 000

Cicilia Ax

Chief Financial Officer
Joined SEM in 2008

Prior Experience and Education
Purchase Manager, SEM (2008-14)
Purchase Manager, BTG P&P Sensors (2007-08)
Logistics Manager, Åhlens (2000-07)
BSc in Economics & Accounting, Karlstad University

Number of shares
25 003

Christian Sörqvist

Development Director
Joined SEM in 2016

Prior Experience and Education
Project Management Office Manager, SEM (2020 – 2023)
Product Manager, Gas Engine Ignition – Coils, SEM (2016-2020)
Program Manager, Hoerbiger Control Systems (2012 – 2016)
Expat – Product and Project coordination, Altronic INC, US (2011-2012)
Project & Engineering Manager, Hoerbiger Control Systems, (2007-2011)
Systems engineering and Project management, Mecel AB (2000-2007)
BSc Electrical Engineering, KaU 1996 – 2000

Number of shares
22 676

Jerker Fjellman

Supply chain Director
Joined SEM in 2007

Prior Experience and Education
Marketing Manager, Janfire AB (Jan18-Apr18)
Marketing Manager, SEM (2007-2017)
Owner and Manager, Hofpartner AB (2001-2007)
BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Högskolan Väst

Andreas Böttcher

Sales & Marketing Director
Joined SEM in 2017

Prior Experience and Education
Co-owner & Manager, Razom Solutions (2015-17)
MD, Fundo Components (2014-15)
MD, TROX (2010-14)
S&M manager, Oxeon (2008-10)
MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University

Number of shares
170 068

Karin Hensing

HR Director
Joined SEM in 2017

Prior Experience and Education
HR consultant, Länsstyrelsen, Värmlands län (2016-2017)
HR Manager, IMI CCI (2014-2016)
HR Director, Hofors kommun (2016-2016)
BSc in Human Resources Management & Work Sciences, Psychology, Linköping University

Number of shares
11 338

Mikael Andersson

Production Director
Joined SEM in 1986

Prior Experience and Education
Manager for Production technique and maintenance, SEM (1998-2006)
Maintenance Manager, SEM (1992-98)
Company based education, e.g. LEAN manufacturing, Core tools in APQP

Number of shares
13 405

Jakob Ängeby

Research Director
Joined SEM in 2013

Prior Experience and Education
MD, Senfusion (2011-13)
Senior Consultant, Qamcom (2012-13)
Business Manager, Hoerbiger (2003-11)
PhD in Signal Processing, Chalmers University

Number of shares
65 341

Jens Möller

Quality Director
Joined SEM in 2015

Prior Experience and Education
Consultant, High Vision Engineering (2012-2015)
Quality Engineer, SAAB Automobile AB (1985-2012)

Number of shares
5 997